Create GST Compliant Invoice

Create GST Compliant Invoice, Documents & Reports

  • Maintain Customer Masters & their GSTIN
  • Create GST Compliant Invoices, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Bill of Supply
  • Auto CGST, SGST & IGST Tax calculations on Invoice
  • Track Advance payment and adjust against Invoices
  • Reports for GSTR 1 - B2B , B2C, B2LC, Exports
  • Categorized sales summary - Customer, HSN, Item, Tax Rate, State, Month based output

Input Tax Credit Management & Vendor Management

  • Track GSTIN of Vendors & Filing Status
  • Feed purchase invoice data for claiming tax credit
  • Track your Unregistered Purchases
  • Reconcile Transaction in GSTR -2
  • Intimation to suppliers for Unmatched Transaction in GSTR 2
Input Tax Credit Management
Workflow management and Delegate Task

Workflow management and Delegate Task

  • Delegate work to employees on the basis of roles and companies
  • Track pending task
  • Completion of delegated Task before due dates
  • Colloborate with Tax Professional for Review and Authorization

GST Tax Computation & Validation

  • Calculation of CGST, SGST & IGST Liability
  • Liability calculation on the basis of place and time of Supply
  • Validation of Tax rate with HSN & SAC Codes
  • Calculating Tax payable on reverse charge of unregistered dealer (inward supplies)
  • Input Tax credit reconciliation
  • View your Cash, Credit & Liability ledger
GST Tax Computation and Validation
GST Filing Solution

GST Filing Solution

  • Compile data in application to prepare returns
  • Birds eye view of data before upload of GSTR 1
  • Pay GST online
  • GSTR 2 reconciliation
  • Automated GSTR 3 creation
  • Inbuilt filing of return supported through integrated GSP Solution

Ease of Use

  • Access our cloud based solutions 24 x7 anywhere
  • No loss of data due to auto backup by our system
  • Easy Exchange of data with External & Internal Users
  • Maintaining logs of modification & internal notes
  • Simple & Intuitive interface with comprehensive dashboard
Ease of Use
Delegate data Input to Clients

Delegate data Input to Clients

  • On board clients to our application of Invoice data feeding
  • Separate Client login to handle delegated work
  • Invest time in review and complaince than in data entry

Manage work flow with Internal & External Users

  • Your GSTonWeb Clients assigns data every month to you for Review
  • Assign it to your Internal users / Employee
  • Track Status of work delegated and due dates
  • Users/ Employee can delegate task to other Senior users after they have worked on it
  • After final review assign it to client for return filing or file return your self
Manage work flow with Internal and External Users
Real Time data Sharing

Real Time data Sharing

  • Data shared by client on the Web on real time
  • Access data any where 24 x 7
  • Avoid last minute data collection from clients
  • Aviod physical data collection
  • Return filing updates to Clients

Improve Professional Competancy

  • Restrict your work to review and compliance
  • Birds eye view for GSTR 1 , 2 & 3 returns
  • Comprehensive dashboard to manage clients & Task
  • Compliance calender
  • Modifcation logs auto maintained in the application with Internal notes
  • In built data validation tools to populate common mistakes
Improve Professional Competancy
Easy Integration with ERP like Tally and Excel Import

Easy Integration with ERP like Tally & Excel Import

  • Save time in posting entries in the accounting system
  • Excel import function for bulk import of data

Growth and Efficiency

  • Manage more client with our applications with ease
  • Client focused approach helps to retain and enhance service offerings
  • Improves communication and colloboration with Clients
  • Be advisors for business than for data handling
  • Spend less on data entry, save time and gain more customers
Growth and Efficiency