Rs. 5000/-

  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Customers / Vendors
  • Work Flow Management
  • Colloborate with Professionals
  • Return Filing Module
  • Email & Phone Support
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Tax Professionals *

  • Manage Multiple Clients
  • Unlimited Sub Users
  • Work Flow Management
  • E-mail alerts
  • Real Time data Sharing
  • GST Return Review
  • Return Filing

Enterprise Solutions
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* Subject to license activation for all entities
* Tax Professional can manage clients powered by GST on Web
* 18% GST Applicable on Business Plan

Frequently asked questions

How is the Pricing model based for GST on Web?
GST on Web offers subscription for use of its services and prices indicates subscription charges for 1 year. Once you purchase our subscription and while adding entity, user needs to activate the entity with an activation code.

Can i renew my Subscription after 1 Year?
GST on Web offer renewal every year so that its easy on your pocket instead of paying at one go. You can renew you subscription after 1 year and you will again receive and activation code to renew your subscription.

Can i activate Multiple Entities under one accounts?
Yes you can have multiple entities under one login for easy management, but you have to purchase subscription for every entity.

We have many users like account, purchase manager, data entry operator in our organization, do i have to pay separately for these users?
Our pricing is all inclusive. We charge you only for 1 entity irrespective of number of users you create to manage it. So all users would be free

Do my Tax Professional needs to pay for the Services?
Tax professional will be a user under your entity. So he need not pay for the services. You can invite him as a user under your login.

I am a tax professional, what would be the pricing for our clients?
We provide an Admin Login for Tax professionals where they can add multiple entities, group them and assign users. Each additional entity will require an activation code. Tax professionals can create users to give access to client for Invoicing & Purchases.

How is your solution Free for Tax Professionals?
The Idea for GSTonWeb is that business pays for our subscription. Tax professionals can manage business using GSTonWEB solution as users under business. If Tax Professional purchase a admin login, then they can charge their client for subscription every year.